Worker Cooperative National Conference

Friday, July 29, 2016 to Sunday, July 31, 2016

400+ inspired participants. Dozens – even hundreds – of worker cooperatives in all stages, from concept, to conversion, to growth. The U.S.’s leading lenders, funders, educators, and businesses supporting the cooperative economy. International guests bringing their wisdom and perspectives.

And you.

Join us for the National Worker Cooperative Conference, July 29th – July 31st in Austin, Texas. As worker ownership breaks into the public consciousness on an unprecedented scale, we will gather in popular education and brainstorm sessions, keynotes, and much more to:

  1. share best practices,
  2. identify (and shape) emerging trends,
  3. form relationships with allied organizations, businesses, and economic developers,
  4. have a blast building a liberatory economy!

Be a part of building a new economy based on shared ownership and real democracy.

See you in Austin!

What is a worker cooperative:
Worker cooperatives are businesses owned and controlled by the people who work in them, the cooperative members. They are a time-tested way to create quality jobs, and are gaining momentum as a strategy to build and anchor wealth in communities.
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