Course Tracks

The cornerstone of NASCO Institute is the strength and diversity of its educational workshops, panels, and roundtable discussions. This year’s conference offers nearly seventy sessions covering a wide range of topics. Courses are divided among the following seven Course Tracks:

Tools for Running Your Co-op

Keeping your co-op running smoothly requires a wide range of skills and a wealth of collective knowledge. Workshops in this course track will focus on building essential tools for maintaining your cooperative - from maintenance planning to dynamic facilitation. This series is ideal for anyone who hopes to leave NASCO Institute with a new set of concrete skills to take back to their co-op.

Developing New Co-ops

With the cost of living constantly on the rise, the demand for affordable housing solutions - like housing co-ops - is greater than ever. NASCO has pulled together a team of experts to take future co-op founders through the process of starting a new housing co-op, from clarifying the initial concept to drafting your business plan. Workshops in this series provide a comprehensive, step-by-step training program on the development process.

Living in Community, Working for Justice

Creating an inclusive community means going beyond feel-good rhetoric about ‘diversity awareness’ or using targeted recruitment strategies - it means working hard to ensure that systems of oppression are not being reproduced in your community. The courses in this track focus on identifying and actively resisting institutional and interpersonal forms of oppression, as well as building alternative models of community that are rooted in the struggles for equality and justice.

Theme Track: "Grassroots Cooperation"

The 2017 Institute is structured around the theme of “Breaking the Mold: Grassroots Cooperation” This theme brings together a variety of programming that explores taking our local resources, our space, our people power and supporting movements for meaningful economic and political change that puts the power in the hands of the people. You may read more about the conference theme here.

Cooperation among Co-ops- Connecting to the Cooperative Movement

In building a stronger cooperative movement, we must first understand our collective past and present. This course track provides a foundation for such visioning by featuring the work of cooperators, past and present, across many sectors and many continents. Join us in these sessions to be inspired, expand your horizons, and dream big.

Staff & Managers Track

The problems faced by the staff, managers, and administrators of housing co-ops are very unique and their field is quite small. For this reason, we offer a track of courses specifically for them so that they can network with their peers, share best practices and skills, and learn new ways to tackle the issues that they face in their day-to-day jobs. The courses offered on Friday are for participants who register for the Staff & Managers Pre-Conference. The courses on Saturday and Sunday are open to general attendees, however they are specifically tailored for co-op staff, managers, and administrators.