NASCO Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is where NASCO members can voice their opinions and engage in NASCO’s governance. This get-together gives delegates a chance to think and speak together as a broad and diverse membership about the future we envision for NASCO’s co-op education, development, and organizing. It is also the forum for active members to nominate and elect an Active Member Representative (AMR), who serves a one-year term on the NASCO board of directors. The 2017 AGM Agenda can be viewed here.

Please have your co-op's AGM representative register for the AGM on the AGM Eventbrite page by November 5th. They will also need to register for the actual conference (at a discounted rate of $110, one per co-op).

The AGM will take place on Sunday during Course Blocks 4 and 5. All are welcome to attend the AGM. Voting privileges will be limited to one delegate per NASCO active member co-op. If you have questions about participating in the AGM, please contact Ratih at

Banquet & Hall of Fame

Every year, the Banquet is a time for all Institute participants to share the same space in reflection, over a hearty meal. We welcome new members to the movement and, in the Hall of Fame Ceremony, recognize individuals who have shown outstanding commitment to the cooperative movement through their hard work and tireless enthusiasm for cooperation. Those wishing to run for Active Member Representative will give brief speeches before members have the opportunity to vote for them.

Cooperative Skills Roundtables

The Cooperative Skills Roundtables are designed as open, participatory spaces to build knowledge in areas that are key to running your co-op. Knowledgeable facilitators will guide the discussion, but, more than anything, roundtables will give participants a chance to hear how folks in the room have dealt with challenges at their own co-ops. Everyone will go home with a packet of resources which will also be available on the NASCO website.

Guerrilla Workshop & Caucus Spaces

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to share or teach? Do you have a rad skill that you’d like to showcase in a skillshare? Are you looking to caucus with other attendees who share your identities and experiences? Would you like to present a workshop for your co-op, but need feedback from other cooperators first? Well, we clearly had you in mind when we chose to host the Guerrilla Workshop Spaces this year at the Institute. People can sign up either on our sign up sheet in the main lobby or attract attention by using our conference hastag #NASCOInstitute2017 At any point on Saturday or Sunday, presenters are welcome to self-organize and use either of two rooms that are designated solely for Guerrilla Workshops.

Inter-Cooperative Council Tours

The ICC Ann Arbor is made up of 19 houses with unique personalities and rich history. Born during the Great Depression, growing by leaps and bounds in the sixties and seventies, and still going strong in 2017, the ICC has a long history of student cooperation. Join us on a tour led by ICC Ann Arbor members to hear (and see) the inside information on the ICC. Tours will be held Friday afternoon.

Detroit Tour

The tour will depart at 10:00 AM from Ann Arbor and will tour Detroit and return to Ann Arbor at 6:00 PM on Friday. This is a great opportunity to learn about the city of Detroit and its history. The tour fee is $25 USD and will include lunch. You can sign up on your registration form. 

10:00AM -Meet at Registration

12:00p: Cass Corridor Commons (arrive; get snack pack)


12:20p-12:50p: arrive at Talking Dolls Design Collective


1:20p-1:50p- arrive at Oakland Avenue Urban Farm

(distribute bagged lunch)

2:00p-220p: Detroit Poetry Society


2:25p-245p: Apex Bar/the Garage

2:45p-3:25p: Pingree Industries & Detroit Sewing Collective

3:45p-5:00p Church of the Messiah + New Work Leather + Nikki's Ginger Tea


The Commons / Coffee House

The Commons is the caffeinated haven of Institute. It serves as a space for networking, hanging out with friends, participating in skillshares, holding informal caucuses and meetings, relaxing, browsing the bookstores, and drinking coffee & tea. Open from early morning to late at night, this will be the place to take a break from the packed weekend and connect with other co-opers.

Identity-Based Caucuses

Caucuses are spaces for participants with shared identities to raises issues, build connections, and organize for change: within NASCO, their own co-ops, and our larger communities. NASCO maintains email groups for each caucus so the conversations can continue year round. These caucuses typically include: Queer & Trans Caucus; People with Disabilities Caucus; People of Color Caucus; Working Class Caucus; and Women's Caucus.

Would you like to attend a caucus that isn't listed above? Organize one! Participants are welcome to reserve the Guerrilla Workshop & Caucus rooms throughout the weekend for any caucus that they'd like to hold. Guerrilla Caucuses are an excellent tool for carving out space to meet with others who share your identities and experiences. 

Caucuses are not spaces for people who do not share an identity to learn about issues affecting that group or offer their support (i.e. “be an ally”). Check out one of the workshops on these topics instead!

Collective Liberation Caucus

The Collective Liberation Caucus is a forum to examine how our movements for liberation intersect with each other and to build our work based in a common vision of a liberated world.  How do our social justice efforts - fighting racism, working for gender justice or economic justice, creating collective access, and building economic alternatives to capitalism - support each other?  What roles can we play to create more just institutions and a cooperative sector committed to justice?

Development Services Luncheon

Members of NASCO Development Services (NDS), potential members, and former NDS clients, will have the opportunity to learn about NASCO’s advocacy and development work. The luncheon is open to anyone interested in this work.

NASCO Properties Family Reunion

NASCO Properties is a cooperative land trust started in 1988 that has grown to include 16 houses in 7 states.  The properties are leased at affordable rates to cooperatives in each area, and provide homes for 250 members. Everyone from a NASCO Properties co-op is invited to this annual reunion during lunch on Saturday!

Regional Luncheon

This is an opportunity to find cooperatives in your region by sitting across the table and sharing a meal. Grassroots cooperation can start here. How can cooperatives in your area work together for a more just system? Are there movements that already exisit?