NASCO Institute Participant Testimonials

“This was my first time attending NASCO Institute. The entire weekend blew me away. I was surrounded by such passionate and motivated individuals who are all working towards a common goal. I felt very inspired. I learned about things I had no idea even existed, as I was just introduced to co-operative living this past summer after visiting California.
I was able to network with existing co-ops, get insight on how to start my own, and much more. It was almost impossible to just choose one session to attend during each course block; all of them were very abundant with information. The value of this conference was through the roof. I feel like I have found an avenue where I can make a true difference within my community, and even gain a career out of joining NASCO on a grander scale. I am so thankful for having this opportunity extended to me.”
- Kori Liversage, NASCO Individual Member, Ottawa, Ontario (2015)
“The Institute helped to broaden my perspective in co-ops and how to improve the environment where I live. The presenters and facilitators were deeply involved and were very knowledgeable on the topics they covered.”
- Gunther Kaempfe, University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA), Los Angeles, California (2015)
“I made many vital connections with people doing similar work across the country. I learned there is much support for development of the worker programs we plan to help create here in Long Beach. I connected to people who can offer financial assistance, program development, and best practices in facilitation.”
- Michael Lozano, Radical Cooperatives Empowerment Project, Long Beach, Downey, California (2015)
“NASCO Institute gave me skills and concrete actions plans for anti-oppression work in my own community, as well as ideas/skills/contacts for creating new worker-owned co-ops and housing co-ops!”
- Abby Samuelson, University of Kansas Student Housing Association (UKSHA), Lawrence, Kansas (2015)
“I can't put into words how valuable the educational experience is at NASCO Institute. You get to learn about things that you know you want to know for your co-op and then there are other, newer ideas presented to you. And the networking is priceless.”
- Kerry Alsheimer, Nickel City Housing Co-op, Buffalo, New York (2015)
“I'm on the newly-formed Board of Directors of a small but growing student housing co-op. I found NASCO Institute to be an invaluable opportunity to connect with other, passionate people in the cooperative movement (which is often difficult to do when you live in a small co-op—it's easy to be isolated from other co-ops). Additionally, I found the workshops I attended on anti-oppression, African American cooperative history, member outreach, and budgeting, among others, to be very thought-provoking, and I intend to apply their insights in the coming months as our Board works on plans for our co-op's further development.”
- Kelby Schuetz, MOSAIC (Members of Society Acting in Cooperation), Evanston, Illinois (2015)
“We found the conference to be very beneficial for our small community-based co-op, especially from a financial perspective. We learned so much about strategies for being a smaller worker co-op, with a focus on membership and trust-building.”
- Isabelle Brace, Greensboro Mural Project, Mt Airy, North Carolina (2015)
“I attended all 7 Course Tracks and picked up a ton of knowledge through presentations, discussions, and handouts. I brought back many useful tools which, with the help of my housemates, we are implementing to improve our specific situation and expand out into our city's community to address needs we are aware of there as well.”
- Cody Westerlund, University of Kansas Student Housing Association (UKSHA), Lawrence, Kansas (2015)
“I really enjoyed my time at NASCO Institute and learned tons! It was incredibly valuable to me.”
- Zoe McCully, Students' Co-op, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2015)