Federation of Egalitarian Communities - Roadmap to Utopia Internship

Co-op / Organization: 
Federation of Egalitarian Communities
Louisa, VA
Type of Organization: 
Brief Description of Organization: 

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities is a union of egalitarian communities which have joined together in our common struggle to create a lifestyle based on equality, cooperation, and harmony with the earth.

Number of Members: 
Dress Code: 
Internship Position Title: 
Roadmap to Utopia Internship
Internship Position Duties: 

You will be working on producing a series of print and online guides on the process of organizing a commune and on related topics. You will be collating, organizing, and presenting the information and resources already collected, identifying weak and missing spots, working with the team to fill them in, and then producing the guides themselves.

This is a vagabond internship. You will be roving up and down the East Coast as necessary residing at egalitarian income sharing communes, forming communes, and anarchist collectives conducting interviews and collecting questions, experiences, and resources. A small portion of your working time will be spent supporting your host community or collective.

Position Training: 

You will be working closely with an experienced community organizer, event organizer, and public speaker in the development of content and strategy. You will be interacting with a larger team of commune founders, organizers, and propagandists with diverse experiences and skill sets. At your various host communities you will have an opportunity to work with experienced cooperative entrepreneurs and business people, activists, and farmers.

Skills Development & Learning: 
You will have significant exposure to a variety of cooperative social and economic forms and extensive access to very experienced practitioners of cooperative organization. You will be working with committed experienced propagandists and as necessary experienced graphic designers. You'll be up to your ears in anarchists and committed weirdos.
Other details of working conditions: 
You will be expected to live out of a backpack (or several) and will change location and travel regularly. Travel is covered.
Compensation ($): 
$150 (monthly)
Is Room Included?: 
Working Hours: 
Total Hours of Work Per Week: