MSU Student Housing Cooperative - Maintenance Systems and Information Coordinator

Co-op / Organization: 
MSU Student Housing Cooperative (MSU-SHC)
East Lansing, MI
Type of Organization: 
Brief Description of Organization: 
The MSU Student Housing Cooperative's mission is to provide affordable housing to students seeking higher education. Our Cooperative Principles promote quality housing and services. As individuals, we are empowered through democratic participation to create a community equally accessible to all. As an organization, we are committed to expand the Cooperative movement.
Our programs seek to create leaders in the Cooperative movement. We have a Fellowship Program that's offered to members for Professional Development - we just started this in the past year! We have Executive Committee positions that help guide Committees of members from each house- these Executive Committee members play a role in managing the Operations of the organization in regards to Finance, Membership, Education, Facilities, and the Board. We have Office Labor from each house that is open to for members to support the Cooperative in any means that will benefit it, but also support with Office Management. 
As far as services, we provide affordable, intentional community housing. We are an equal opportunity housing provider. We serve a mostly student population that is seeking a home away from home as they attend college or university in the area. With our 15 different houses that all have different spices of life, we house 230 members at any given time.
Number of Members: 
Number of Staff: 
Dress Code: 
Position Title: 
Maintenance Systems and Information Coordinator
Position Duties: 

The Maintenance Systems and Information Coordinator will be tasked with making routine maintenance and facilities information more accessible to our Membership via our webpage and other media. We currently need growth in the dissemination of our information, particularly in regards to facilities and maintenance. Because of the nature of Housing Cooperatives, folks who join our system often enter it with no home ownership experience. Our Maintenance Systems and Information Coordinator would be tasked with helping manage our files and information based around maintenance, and finding creative ways to share it with our membership. 

Some general tasks include:

  • Information Dissemination from Code of Operations
  • Creating digestible pieces of policy and otherwise for member accessibility
  • Supporting in the creation and then posting a Web Guide for Facilities
  • Committee Explanation Webpages (if time allots after Facilities)
  • Optimization of Information Organization, media organization
  • Maintenance Request Form - web design
  • Rent Manager Linkage/Service Manager linkage
  • Tools Library - posting and formatting
  • Electronic Files organization (general)
  • Creating Info-graphics on Policies and Practices
Position Training: 

Training available in Office Management, ability to work with InDesign to create content for the webpage, Google Business, general professional development and business ethics in relation to Customer/Member Services, complex printing systems/printing hardware skills, Rent Manager and Service Manager software, Squarespace platform, basic home ownership skills (plumbing, electrical, fire and bldg code)

Skills Development & Learning: 

Maintenance Systems and Information Coordinator will learn skills in :

  • Web Content Creation
  • Website Management
  • Office Management
  • Member Services
  • Working with a Team
  • Self Motivation

If time allots, other opportunities include:

  • Social Media management and support
  • Linkage with other Community Cooperatives, the East Lansing Food Cooperative and potential support with their projects
  • If interested in Finance, we have content needed for Financial Literacy
Other details of working conditions: 
Open layout format for the office - very interactive and we work closely together! The Office is a space that members often use.
Compensation ($): 
$300, paid monthly
is Room Included for members?: 
Working Hours: 
10am - 5pm
Total Hours of Work Per Week: