Student's Cooperative Association - Membership Intern

Co-op / Organization: 
Student's Cooperative Association
Eugene, OR
Type of Organization: 
Housing, Educational
Brief Description of Organization: 

The SCA is three houses. Our mission is to provide affordable and sustainable housing for students. Two houses are focuses on undergraduate students and one house is focused on graduate students and non-traditional undergraduate students.

Number of Members: 
Number of Staff: 
Dress Code: 
Position Title: 
Membership Intern
Position Duties: 
Intern will coordinate the design and distribution of a New Member Orientation manual and training materials. Intern will assist the office staff with membership data entry and maintenance. Intern will audit available rooms to ensure that they are in satisfactory condition and that promised furniture (bed, desk, chair, closet or dresser) is available. 
There are opportunities for this position to expand into Member Education on communication, social justice/anti-oppression, mediation, healthy consent, if the experience and/or interest exists with intern.
Room is provided. Board is light. The SCA does not have a summer food plan, but we do have access to a local food bank for no-cost food. We are providing a small stipend for food for this reason.
Position Training: 

Membership is low during the summer months, so this position is mostly self-guided. An intern experienced in membership and recruitment is preferred.

Skills Development & Learning: 
Cooperative governance, membership and recruitment
Compensation ($): 
$80, paid monthly
is Room Included for members?: 
Total Hours of Work Per Week: