University of Kansas Student Housing Co-op - Cooperative Design Intern

Co-op / Organization: 
University of Kansas Student Housing Co-op
Lawrence, KS
Type of Organization: 
Brief Description of Organization: 
Located in the heart of Lawrence, KS, the University of Kansas Student Housing Association (UKSHA) is a not-for-profit organized by its members with the mission to develop and support sustainable cooperative communities. Established in the early 1970’s, UKSHA has a rich history in Lawrence; the organization has played a role in the social and political environment of the city, often linking members to the broader community of Lawrence and cooperatives around the world.
Each of the three UKSHA cooperative houses, Sunflower, Olive, and Ad Astra, have a unique and ever-changing culture. The houses are all traditionally geared towards students but currently include a mix of members of all ages. All three are located in the Oread neighborhood and are within walking distance of Lawrence’s historic downtown, grocery store, hardware store and the University of Kansas.
Number of Members: 
Number of Staff: 
Dress Code: 
Position Title: 
Cooperative Design Intern
Position Duties: 
Apply for the Cooperative Design Internship and spend the summer helping our eclectic organization visualize and realize our marketing/design dreams! With guidance and support from UKSHA staff, the successful candidate will be asked to consult with each of our houses and the Board of Directors to assess the organization's creative needs and create a timeline for what can be accomplished during the term of the internship. Duties will fall into the following categories:
Collaborate with UKSHA Board of Directors:
The intern will work with staff and board members to translate strategic planning goals into a creative marketing and design campaign that connects UKSHA with the surrounding community. This may include but is not limited to:
  • Designing marketing materials based on newly established UKSHA vision and mission statement (eg: UKSHA logo, flyers, business cards, website design)
  • Designing materials that promote community and solidarity for use within UKSHA houses (eg: creating member t-shirts, newsletters; establishing a unifying design theme)
Collaborate with house members:
The intern will hold creative visioning sessions at each of the three UKSHA cooperative houses to form house-specific creative plans during the term of their internship; this may include but is not limited to:
  • Designing posters to display meeting process, house rules, co-op principles, etc.
  • Creating and executing a marketing plan for each house (eg: designing a house logo or membership flyers)
  • Revitalizing and beautifying house spaces to establish an atmosphere of safety and intentionality
Position Training: 
The intern will receive a personal orientation to UKSHA, including attending meetings at its three houses and observing decision-making at the board level. Additionally the intern will be invited to participate in any trainings or workshops offered to the UKSHA membership during the time of their stay.
Skills Development & Learning: 
The Cooperative Design Intern will gain ground-level experience creating and leading a design campaign for an active cooperative housing non-profit. This is a unique opportunity for a design-oriented individual looking to develop and stretch their skills in project management, marketing, and design consultation, while also enhancing their personal portfolio. The intern will gain valuable insight about working in the non-profit sector and have the opportunity to explore design as a tool for social and economic justice.
Other details of working conditions: 
The Cooperative Design Intern will be provided a room at the Sunflower House and access to shared office and living spaces.
Compensation ($): 
$500 (monthly)
is Room Included for members?: 
Working Hours: 
Total Hours of Work Per Week: