Madison Community Cooperative - Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern

Co-op / Organization: 
Madison Community Cooperative
Madison, WI
Type of Organization: 
Housing Organization
Brief Description of Organization: 

MCC is a federation of 11 housing co-ops located in Madison’s downtown and near-eastside neighborhoods. MCC is incorporated in Wisconsin as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and as a cooperative.

Madison Community Cooperative is a group-equity housing co-op, which means that members do not gain equity by living in MCC houses. Instead, MCC owns the houses and we pay rent to sustain MCC, collectively serving as our own landlord.

MCC strives to improve the Madison community by providing low-cost, not-for-profit cooperative housing for very low to moderate income people and to be inclusive of underrepresented and marginalized groups in the community.

Number of Members: 
Number of Staff: 
3 Coordinating Staff positions (contracted), 4 Assistant Staff positions (contracted), 4-10 ad hoc staff positions (not contracted)
Dress Code: 
Casual. May potentially require formalwear for meeting with grant organizations or other stakeholders, on occasion.
Position Title: 
Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern
Position Duties: 
  • Summary: Fundraising and grant writing to support MCC’s mission of providing affordable housing to low income people and being inclusive to marginalized groups.

  • Detailed Job Description:

    • Applying to grants and campaigning to raise funds that would help with the following (at the discretion of the Finance Officer, and with consultation from Coordinating Committee and the Board of Directors):

      • Trainings for members: racial justice, general equity trainings, gender justice trainings, LGBTQ allyship trainings, etc.

      • Supporting low income members (goal of creating an aid fund for members struggling to pay rent)

      • Funding the alteration of a new MCC house

      • Funding major maintenance projects for MCC houses

    • Working with the Finance Officer and other MCC Officers to create longer-term fundraising and grant-seeking plans that could be realistically pursued in the future by MCC members or employees

IMPORTANT: SEE ATTACHED FILE for list of required and preferred qualifications.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: start date flexible based on needs of Intern.

    Position Training: 

    Finance Officer will supervise Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern. Fundraising and Grant Writing intern will be trained in MCC digital file-sharing applications, MCC's mission and operational/structural details, MCC long-term goals and aspirational funding allocation areas, and existing alumni outreach systems. Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern will be expected to learn about legal boundaries of 501(c)(3) non-profit status in relation to fund-seeking and distribution, with help of MCC Officers and other resources provided by MCC. Intern will be expected to research grants and funding opportunities with the help of MCC Officers and other resources provided by MCC. Intern training in various areas will be determined by Intern's previous experience and training needs, at the discretion of the Finance Officer. 

    Skills Development & Learning: 
    • Intern will gain:
      • Experience writing grant proposals, major or minor

      • Experience soliciting funds from corporations

      • Experience soliciting funds from alumni of MCC

      • Experience communicating in a timely, professional manner with grant providers and/or other stakeholders

      • Experience working independently on long-term projects, with feedback from Supervisor and assistance from MCC Officers

      • Experience with cooperative housing structures

      • Experience with creative problem-solving

      • Experience developing a fundraising and grant writing program for a non-profit organization

    Specific skill development priorities will be determined based on needs of Organization and Intern's areas of interest.

    Other details of working conditions: 
    Office is shared with MCC staff and members. Office is open to public between 2-6pm Monday-Friday. Fundraising and Grant Writing Intern and other authorized MCC members and staff may freely use Office outside of open public hours.
    Compensation ($): 
    Room-and-board stipend equal to the average MCC rate ($535), paid monthly. Hours of work in excess of 15 per week paid at Dane County living wage rate ($13.01 per hour), paid bi-weekly.
    is Room Included for members?: 
    Working Hours: 
    Flexible. Determined between Intern and Supervisor. Workdays longer than 8 hours not encouraged or required.
    Total Hours of Work Per Week: 
    25-35 (exact number of hours determined by Intern and their Supervisor)