Join as a Cooperative

Membership is the foundation of NASCO. As a grassroots member-led movement, our strength lies in our members. NASCO welcomes membership from cooperatives.


Eligibility for Active Membership

  • You are an organization, incorporated or not
  • You are located at, or in the vicinity of, a university or college campus
  • Your organization supplies housing, credit, food, clothing, or other goods on a nonprofit cooperative basis


Active Member Benefits

  • Eligibility to vote in annual NASCO Board elections
  • Free annual on-site training

  • Up to five complimentary hours of consulting services

  • Free participation in the Cooperative Internship Network

  • Up to 50% discount on NASCO event registration fees

  • Access to our job posting service


Active Member Dues

Dues are based on the number of members in your co-op at capacity. Co-ops will pay dues or set up a payment plan by August 31st for the membership year that runs from September 1st to August 31st.


Housing Co-ops

For ongoing members, the dues rate is $29 USD ($35.40 CAD) times the membership capacity of the co-op.


Ongoing Members:

Membership capacity ________ x $29 USD ($35.40 CAD) per member = $ _________


We offer a discount for new members! If your co-op has not been a member of NASCO within the past five years, the joining dues rate is $9.66 USD ($11.80 CAD), a third of the regular dues rate. Members will be billed at the ongoing member rate for subsequent years. If you are not sure if your co-op qualifies for this discount, we can look it up for you!


New Members:

Membership capacity ________ x $9.66 USD ($11.80 CAD) per member = $ _________


Retail/Worker Co-ops

0.033% of Gross annual revenue = $ ________ USD/CAD (minimum $155 USD, maximum $1025 USD)


Development Services Membership

Any cooperative or allied organization is eligible to become a member of NASCO Development Services. These co-ops provide ongoing support to help start and expand new cooperatives. Development services members receive discounts on development consulting services from NASCO. Contact us for more info.


To account for inflation, we adjust member dues annually and will announce any changes in the dues rate by January 1st of the previous year.


Join as a Cooperative