Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock, MBA is a Consultant at Praxis, where he assists clients in developing and implementing high-engagement workforce strategies. Matt brings 12 years of domestic and global experience in education, employee- and cooperative-ownership and change management to the team. His key competencies include leadership development, building high performance ownership cultures, process improvement, vision, strategy and governance. 
Prior to joining Praxis, Matt was the founder and executive director of Chicago Tech Academy, Chicago's first tech-focused high school. Matt is also a past Board member of several organizations including, most recently, the Freelancers Insurance Company, a for-profit insurer committed to providing affordable, effective health insurance to freelance and contingent workers in New York.
Matt earned an MBA in Cooperative Economics from the University of Bologna (Italy), where he studied governance, finance and strategy in the region’s top employee-owned firms, and a BA in history from Skidmore College. While in Italy, Matt also worked as a consultant at the Institute for Labor, an employer-union sponsored research and consulting firm dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises drive innovation through employee engagement and participation.