Co-op Details

379 Chittenden Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
Basic Info:

We have a 10 bedroom house in Columbus, OH, located in the heart of the university district. We share a dog named Burglar, we share food and chores, and we run a books to prisoners program out of the basement called RedBird Books to Prisoners.

Mission Statement:

The Midden is communal house in Columbus, OH, organized around the revolutionary principles of cooperation and solidarity. We seek to empower a culture of resistance and push back against alienation through shared resources, community care, and prisoner support.

Type of Housing Offered: Single rooms
Wheelchair Accessible:


Approximate Monthly Rent Including Utilities:


Approximate Monthly Cost of Meal Plan if Applicable:


Labor Requirements:

We look at all the work that has to be done and divide it up every month. This way people don't get stuck with tasks they don't like. The more people we have, the fewer tasks we all get to do.

Shared Amenities: Communal spaces, Shared kitchen, Garden, Workshop, Shared tools, Recreational area, Bike storage, Washer and dryer, Wireless internet
Frequency of Shared Meals:

2-5 times per week