Co-op Details

6805 N Ashland Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60626

Basic Info:

The Pratt-Ashland Cooperative was incorporated in August 1995. The Co-op was established as a result of a rehabilitation project sponsored by People's Housing, a development corporation. The purpose of the rehabilitation was to allow low to moderate-income families the opportunity to own property. We received the Occupancy Certification from the Chicago Mutual Housing Network in Oct 1996, and the closing date was Sept 16 1999. We have thrived ever since realizing the dream of ownership and maintain that blessing to this day of community living, that is, sharing, caring, loving and giving, not just material things, but service to one another and the community.

Mission Statement:

The PAC is here to serve each other and the community.

Type of Housing Offered: Apartments
Number of Buildings: 22
Wheelchair Accessible:

Only the ground floor units

Open to visitors?:

Yes, please call to schedule a visit (if there is a vacancy).

Approximate Monthly Rent Including Utilities:

Depending on the unit sized and unit type

Approximate Monthly Cost of Meal Plan if Applicable:

no meal cost

Labor Requirements:

Exterior Maintenance (Grounds) is conducted by management. Member is responsible for cleaning their own units.

Shared Amenities: Communal spaces, Garden, Bike storage, Washer and dryer
Frequency of Shared Meals:

Annual PAC Anniversary Celebration - August or September each year (except during COVID)