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1001 Pearl St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Basic Info:

The Magic Village is a group of connected individuals who strive to live intentionally with one another and have a positive impact on the wider community around them. The community and the physical spaces it occupies nurture personal growth, meaningful relationships, and environmentally sustainable practices.

The Magic Village balances personal privacy with community. We are more than just residents, however. We are a close-knit community, bound by shared values and a commitment to one another. Our common spaces are filled with life and art, and our interactions are infused with the spirit of discovery. We are a place of inspiration and a community of support. As individuals and community members, we strive for continued growth and learning.

All community members actively participate in the shaping of our community, where every voice is heard and respected. Decision-making is transparent and consensus based. Open communication is encouraged, fostering an environment of trust, care, and cooperation. In decision making, we value adaptability in the interest of meeting the long-term needs of the community and its individual members.

We embrace diversity, respecting the perspectives and unique contributions of all our members. We adapt to the changing needs of our community, remaining flexible and innovative. Our commitment to longevity means that future generations will benefit from our legacy of caring and creativity.

The Magic Village promotes financial and ecological sustainability. In this community, sustainable living involves using eco-friendly building materials, energy-efficient design, and renewable energy sources to reduce environmental impact. Water conservation, waste reduction, and shared resources like kitchens and tools further minimize the community's footprint. Cooperative living fosters efficient resource use, reducing the need for individual ownership and maintenance. These practices lead to cost savings, promote a sense of community, and lower the community's environmental impact.

We see ourselves as part of a larger ecosystem, and we strive to have a positive impact on the wider community around us, fostering goodwill and collaboration. Our collective efforts in resource sharing, conservation, and responsible environmental stewardship have a positive ripple effect on society, demonstrating the feasibility and advantages of sustainable living while contributing to a healthier planet.

Mission Statement:

Cooperate to help our neighbors and our wider community, and make housing more sustainable and affordable

Type of Housing Offered: Other
Number of Buildings: 0
Wheelchair Accessible:


Open to visitors?:


Approximate Monthly Rent Including Utilities:


Approximate Monthly Cost of Meal Plan if Applicable:


Shared Amenities: Communal spaces, Shared kitchen, Garden, Workshop, Shared tools, Recreational area, Parking, Bike storage, Washer and dryer, Wireless internet
Frequency of Shared Meals: