NASCO Cooperative Hall of Fame

Created in 1989, the NASCO Cooperative Hall of Fame honors the best of our movement. We use the Hall of Fame as a means for our member co-ops to provide broader recognition to individuals who have made a truly significant impact.

Nominations can honor people that perhaps should have been recognized long ago: a co-op founder, a long-time member or employee or any other significant contributor. We are also eager to show that current members and staff can have a similar impact on their cooperatives, so we make a special effort to induct some individuals who are current or recent "movers and shakers." View our list of past inductees.

A committee of NASCO board members, advisors, and former honorees will select inductees to the Hall of Fame for 2021. Please consider adding nominations to the Hall of Fame to the agenda of your next board or house meeting so that you can select someone you feel deserves to be honored this year. 

Nomination categories:

  • Founder -- Individual whose efforts have brought about the founding of campus or community cooperatives
  • Local Hero -- A local community member whose support and dedication has benefited a cooperative (although the individual is not a direct member of the cooperative).
  • Educator -- A person who has shown outstanding work in the area of cooperative education
  • Leader -- Individual who has shown local, national, or international leadership among campus or community cooperatives.
  • Mover & Shaker -- A current or recent cooperative member who has made outstanding achievements within their cooperative community. (Must have been member of co-op within 12 months of nomination.)


Nomination forms must be submitted by September 12, 2021.

Nomination Form