Join us in welcoming our newest member co-ops!


  • Grand Rapids Alliance of Cooperative Communities - Grand Rapids Alliance of Cooperative Communities (GRACC) is a housing co-operative open to the general public for membership. GRACC was founded in 2012 with one home in Grand Rapids and now operates four houses with 51 units. GRACC prioritizes low-income households, fosters community, and empowers individuals.  GRACC is committed to improving and expanding opportunities for cooperative housing in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Learn more. 


  • The Woodnote - The Woodnote cooperative is a non-profit organization that aims to facilitate access to affordable, inclusive, and democratically-run housing for Concordia students, within a community-focused lifestyle. The Woodnote opened its doors just this past summer. Catch Woodnote support member Megan Quigley share more about how the Woodnote was developed on our keynote panel at NASCO Institute next month. Learn more.


  • University Cooperative Housing Association - The University Cooperative Housing Association (UCHA) provides reasonably low-cost housing to qualified students, visiting scholars, and faculty of UCLA and other nearby educational institutions. This student co-op is located just two blocks from campus and has been serving the UCLA community for over seventy years. UCHA owes its success to many generations of students and staff who have worked together and contribute to the continuation of this unique housing organization. Learn more. 


  • ReJenerate Cooperative - ReJenerate is an independent housing co-op currently under development in Madison. The co-op consists of two historic houses that were purchased by RefineJenifer in 2019 with the goal of turning them into a housing co-op. In early 2021, the property will be sold to the ReJenerate Housing Cooperative and Madison Area Community Land Trust. After a period of construction, ReJenerate will be ready for occupancy in Fall 2021. Learn more.


  • Wood St. Co-op - Wood St. is a 3-unit housing cooperative in the West End of Providence, near Dexter Park and the Cranston Armory. The Wood St Co-op is a creative place-based project that provides affordable and high-quality housing and food while engaging local participation and creating an inclusive gathering pace in order to build community around shared food and cooperative housing.


  • Foster Village - Foster Village is an Intentional Community and housing co-op in SE Portland in the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood. Foster Village consists of three households, a tiny house, 9 humans, a cat, 3 chickens, and a bountiful garden of veggies and herbs, native plants, and fruit trees. Foster Village operates in accordance with the values of mutual aid, earth-tending, and shared personal growth. Learn more.