NASCO Membership Profile


NASCO has compiled a Membership Profile report based on two member surveys conducted in 2020: 1) COVID-19 Economic Impacts Survey in March 2020, 2) NASCO Annual Member Survey conducted in the fall.The report offers an overview of NASCO Active Member Co-ops, member demographics, initial COVID-19 economic impacts, and anti-oppression work. Read the full report. 


In addition to the findings presented here, our surveying included questions related to members' engagement with NASCO programming. We want to share some of the requests that we heard and the steps that we're taking to address those needs:

  • We heard a request to initiate more direct contact with our members, including periodic outreach. To address this request, we are conducting annual co-op health assessments with member co-ops and inviting staff, officers, and members to attend. We are following up with member co-ops with training, consultation, resources, and recommendations based on the assessments. If your co-op hasn't had your assessment yet, please email
  • We heard a request for free resources for your co-op's members. Along with our free resource library, NASCO has been offering sliding scale on webinars and working on sliding scale options for our upcoming Staff and Member Leadership Convening. We also offer scholarship options for both our Cooperative Leadership Certification program and to attend NASCO Institute. One critical piece of free support is offering consultation to co-ops in crisis. While this work goes largely unseen, we want member co-ops to know that this has remained a top priority for NASCO throughout the pandemic.  
  • We heard a request for anti-oppression resources for your co-op's members. As we continue the ongoing work of updating and expanding our educational offerings, we are committing to explicitly include an anti-oppression lens. We believe that anti-oppression is essential to every aspect of cooperative management. NASCO is working with AORTA to provide a 3-part anti-oppression training at NASCO Institute this fall, which will be recorded and shared. In addition, NASCO is working with member co-ops to establish community agreements around inclusion and/or race issues. Does your co-op need support in establishing community agreements? Please email
  • We heard a request to make our offerings more accessible to folks who are deaf or hard of hearing. NASCO staff are working to standardize accessibility questions in our outreach and coordination with member co-ops and to offer captioning at all online events. We are also looking into grant funding to provide more interpretation services for members.


We are gearing up to do another survey in the next couple of months regarding the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your co-op. Please keep an eye out so that we can continue to strengthen our sector-wide analysis and advocate for our community’s interests.