NASCO Staff & Board Update

This month, NASCO staff provided on-site training support in Davis, CA to over 70 WestCo participants; began hiring a new Director of Operations; held their annual staff retreat in order to plan for the upcoming year’s events, programs, and member services; attended the annual Cooperative Hall of Fame to honor our heroes and dedicated leaders; continued preparing for the 2014 Staff and Managers Conference; continued preparing for NASCO Institute 2014; published a Request for Proposals to create a new housing co-op; and continued to assist the Lamont Street Collective in Washington D.C. in their development project. 

The NASCO Board is participating in an Anti-Oppression Audit of our organization, facilitated by members of the AORTA Collective, and is continuing to prepare for its June board meeting in Chicago, which will be concurrent with the other two NASCO Family Boards’ meetings.