Solidarity in Social Action

Since NASCO was founded, our housing co-ops have served as spaces for organizing against oppression and violence in our communities. Right now, as people all over the US are protesting and standing up against continued violence against black people, we call on our member co-ops to uphold our tradition of solidarity in social action.

Having these communal spaces instills in us a responsibility to steward them toward work for the common good. Talk to your housemates. Talk with your community. Take what actions you can to support our black members and the black community at large.

For our non-black members who plan to take direct actions, please center the needs and safety of black protestors around you in your actions, and follow their lead. This message is especially for white members who face less risk in confronting the police or other authorities.

NASCO stands against the continued murder of black people by police and supports all efforts to end it.



Our friends at the TESA Collective put together this guide on what you can do to support protests right now. It includes:

  • free ebooks
  • resources
  • advice
  • places to donate
  • printable window signs
  • and more

Read it, take action, and share it with anyone you think would find it useful.

Image: East River Co-op in Minneapolis, MN