Staff Transitions and Trading Places

On June 30th, Morgan Crawford stepped down as NASCO's Director of Education.
Morgan joined the NASCO staff in 2013, after a brief term as NASCO Board President. In his for years on staff, Morgan helped to triple attendance at our annual conference for co-op staff and managers, grow and fortify NASCO Institute, reboot the Cooperative Internship Network, strengthen our external communications and branding, and build relationships with many cooperative movement partners. He had the pleasure of working closely with dozens of co-ops and hundreds of amazing co-op leaders, and has seen NASCO’s programs grow and our members thrive throughout this work.
In September, Morgan will begin a new project with the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives, supporting their efforts nationally and at home in New York City. In the meantime, he is spending time with his family and sailing a historic tallship in the New York Harbor. Morgan looks forward to continuing to support NASCO, and welcomes you to join him at NASCO Institute this November!
Please join us in recognizing Morgan’s contributions the past five years on the NASCO Board and as a part of the staff collective. We have been proud of the progress that has been made with Morgan with us. It is with deep appreciation that we share that Morgan has stepped down as the Director of Education.
We'll miss you, Morgan!
At the same time, we are proud and delighted to share that we have hired Liz Anderson as NASCO's Director of Education. Liz starts this week in Chicago, and is ready to jump right into planning this year’s Institute! You can reach Liz at
Liz writes:
Hello Folks! 
My name is Liz and I will be starting this August as NASCO’s Education Director. I am thrilled to be taking on Morgan’s work organizing NASCO’s educational programing. I am most excited to bring people together by coordinating and developing the annual Cooperative Education & Training Institute and the Staff & Managers Conference. The strength of the movement lies in our connection to each other.
My first introduction to cooperatives was at Earlham College where I got my degree in Business and Nonprofit Management. Through my work this past year at the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives I have become impassioned by the cooperative movement. I strongly believe that a better world is possible with cooperation. I look forward to visiting members and bringing my experience from the nonprofit sector and the worker cooperative sector into the housing cooperative sector. I have lived in community for the past 4 years and look forward to sharing my personal expertise as well as my professional skills with NASCO’s community. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
Welcome to the NASCO team, Liz!