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Low-Income Scholarship Fund

The NASCO Low-Income Scholarship Fund supports low-income emerging cooperative leaders who would otherwise be unable to attend the Institute by offsetting their registration fees ($220 for members, $420 for non-members) and travel expenses ($50 to $400). This program allows NASCO to create a more economically and geographically diverse demographic of attendees by providing support to youth who live in remote locations and/or are not receiving organizational support. 

The costs of the Institute are kept low through partnerships with local co-ops to provide free housing and with student organizations to reduce the cost of university facilities, along with the generously donated time and expertise of Institute presenters. Member dues subsidize registration costs for NASCO member cooperatives. Many scholarship recipients are from small or developing cooperatives that have not yet joined NASCO, and do not have institutional support for their attendance. Any amount contributed to the Low-Income Scholarship Fund will directly increase attendance, encourage diverse representation, promote leadership, and inspire new cooperative development. Whatever the amount, we appreciate your support. 

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Conference Sponsorship

We would be unable to plan this conference without the generous support of our conference sponsors year after year. NASCO Institute costs over $70,000 to organize, and only a portion of that cost is covered by registration proceeds. Receiving donations from allied individuals and organizations allows us to contine offering top-quality content while keeping participant costs as low as possible.

We hope you’ll join us by sponsoring NASCO Institute. Not only is this a chance to demonstrate your commitment to the cooperative movement, it’s also great exposure for your organization. Based on your level of participation, you or your organization will receive high-impact visibility in our co-op community and at the event. In addition, conference sponsorships and donations to our Low-Income Scholarship Fund receive all the charitable tax benefits of a donation to NASCO, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

For more information about the benefits associated with different sponsorship levels, contact us at