Watch the Keynote Speech from Institute 2010!

This multimedia, interactive presentation features two innovative presenters: Daniel Tucker and Tim Stallman. Daniel Tucker has worked as a cultural and political organizer in Chicago for the last ten years, initiating a number of large-scale local projects and events. He is co-creator of the People's Atlas of Chicago and curator of the "We Are Here Maps Archive," a collection of maps and charts about social and political issues which was featured in an Experimental Geography exhibition. His recently completed book, "Farm Together Now," maps emerging movements for sustainable food production through interviews with activist farmers across the US.

Tim Stallman is a member of 3Cs, the Counter-Cartographies Collective. 3Cs is a radical map-making affinity group based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina that works mainly on questions of labor, political economy and the university. Tim Stallmann is a freelance cartographer and GIS analyst. His current work uses maps to envision local food systems and organize towards food sovereignty.