We're Hiring!

NASCO is accepting applications for the position of Director of Operations. The application deadline has been extended to Friday, November 12, please forward this posting to your networks. 

Our current Director of Operations, Katherine Jennings, will be staying with NASCO in a newly created position as our Director of Leadership Development. In this new role, Katherine will support and cultivate cooperative leadership within the NASCO Staff, Boards, and membership. You can learn more about both positions below. 


Director of Operations (Now Accepting Applications - Learn more here)

The Director of Operations coordinates with the NASCO staff team to maintain the stability and continuity of NASCO operations. The Director of Operations supports and systematizes efforts across finance, administrative, and human resources in order to ensure efficient use of resources.  The Director of Operations oversees routine administrative and HR functions and is responsible for designing and implementing any changes to administrative processes. 

The Director of Operations is responsible for creating and implementing the operational plan and for reporting on operations to the NASCO board. Additionally, the Director of Operations coordinates member services to NASCO’s members, including visits, elections, dues, and the NASCO Annual General Meeting.

Along with other staff, the Director of Operations will support NASCO’s educational programs by providing training and technical services for NASCO members and participating in NASCO Institute and other conferences and events.


Director of Leadership Development (New position to be filled by Katherine Jennings)

The Director of Leadership Development supports and cultivates cooperative leadership in the NASCO Staff, boards, and membership. The Director of Leadership Development serves as the NASCO personnel supervisor with primary responsibility for coordinating staff evaluations, recommending changes to job descriptions or personnel policies, and coordinating and reporting of staff workloads.

The Director of Leadership Development designs and coordinates NASCO’s Cooperative Leadership Certification program and develops educational programming for cooperative staff and managers. The Director of Leadership Development supports the NASCO Board of Directors in fulfilling its regular duties and following through on strategic and long-term initiatives.