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One of the most important ways you can contribute to NASCO Institute is by helping spread the word to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Here are some tools to help get the word out.




Promote NASCO Institute in all your favorite places! Download a PDF of this year's poster or email to request a stack of posters to distribute within your networks.

This year's artwork was created by Charlotte Durnford-Dionne. A note from the artist:

Hi! I'm Charlotte, a third year design student in Toronto Canada. Over the past year, my student co op has not only been a place to call home, but also an integral part of adjusting to my new city. I have met some of my closed friends and learned the true merit of collaboration. So when NASCO put out a call for artists I could not have been more excited to share my love of illustration with a purpose driven organisation that does such meaningful work. 

When I was first reflecting on the theme of “cooperate locally” I immediately thought back to one of the initial activities I participated in at my co op. It was a “First Nations cooking class” and the entire first hour was spent gathering the ingredients. The leader of the group brought us to community gardens all throughout our downtown campus to collect different herbs and veggies to complete our meal. It felt like my favourite childhood book “Stone Soup” were an entire village shares what little food they have to make stew. I wanted my drawing to mimic the layout of a street. The idea that even within a few blocks you can find people with incredibly varied skills and knowledge. None of my characters resemble each other, and yet the theme would quite literally be incoherent without them. 


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