Democratizing Co-op Finance - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Democratizing Co-op Finance,” presented by Annie Sullivan-Chin and Alex Fischer at NASCO Institute 2016.


How many of your cooperative’s decisions are based on financial knowledge and expertise? Who traditionally participates in those conversations? Who has financial knowledge and expertise in your co-op? Why? How do we get everyone to participate equally and meaningfully in your co-op’s financial decisions? Traditional power structures often show up in our organizations, especially regarding finance, undermining our abilities to be have truly democratically run organizations.

Following a morning of co-op connections and professional relationship-building, Annie Sullivan-Chin (A Bookkeeping Cooperative) and Alex Fischer (Open Bookkeeping) will lead co-op staff and financial officers through a strategy session focusing on the importance of increasing overall financial literacy and creating financial structures as a way to empower all co-op members in collective decision making. We will share and practice successful training techniques to leave members excited, engaged, and educated.