Gentrification and Our Right to the City - NASCO Institute

Session materials from "Gentrification and Our Right to the City," which was led by Marisol Cortez, Ph.D. (Independent Scholar) at NASCO Institute 2014.


Rooted in concrete case studies from San Antonio, TX and core concepts within urban scholarship and community organizing, this course aims to introduce attendees to the topic of gentrification by situating it globally, as a form of urban development specific to neoliberal governance and economics, and nationally in the context of previous "urban removals." The course will also introduce participants to the "right to the city" framework and to a range of related policy solutions and organizing strategies. During the session, participants will be invited to share their experience in using cooperative principles and development as a tactic for resisting gentrification and providing an alternative to neoliberal forms of urban development.