One Size Fits None: Dismantling Ableism Within Housing Cooperative Labor Structures - NASCO Institute

Session materials from "One Size Fits None: Dismantling Ableism Within Housing Cooperative Labor Structures," which was led by Jennifer Scott (NASCO Board and River City Housing Collective) at NASCO Institute 2014 & 2015.


Oftentimes cooperatives look at accessibility issues from a standpoint of what a person with disabilities cannot do. In this workshop, we're going to discuss cooperative structure and policies from the standpoint of where and how people of all levels of ability can contribute to an intentional community. This workshop will aim to leave participants feeling like they can create a co-op that is more accessible to all.



  • Check-in - 10 min - Name, pronouns, co-op, access needs, one thing you're hoping to take home from this workshop.
  • Self Portrait Activity - 20 min
  • Discussion - 20 min - Discuss current work credit (labor) policies, standards, and expectations. Call out parts that may contribute to accessibility issues or that support ableism.
  • Activity - 10 min - Use handout to reframe the issues called out.
  • Discussion - 25 min - Discuss what a new work credit (labor) structure could look like and work on ideas about how it could be presented to your home cooperatives.
  • Check-out - 5 min - Exchange contact information and fill out workshop evaluations.