Apply for a Scholarship to NASCO Institute 2024

NASCO raises money to help make funding available to Institute participants through our Low-Income Scholarship Fund. Individuals who are eligible to receive funding must be experiencing financial need that would make paying registration fees and travel expenses a significant hardship.

We have established the following criteria for selecting scholarship recipients:

  • Financial Need: If a co-op cannot afford to sponsor anyone, NASCO will try to support at least one member from that co-op.
  • Marginalized Identities: NASCO actively encourages delegations that represent the diversity of their own communities.
  • Geographic Location: NASCO seeks representation from a variety of regions and both urban and rural communities throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Crisis Resolution: Members at co-ops facing crisis situations are encouraged to attend.  Our experience has been that participation in the Institute can have a strong impact when members have the opportunity to learn best practices in a peer-to-peer environment.
  • Developing Co-ops: NASCO reserves scholarship funds for groups working to form new cooperatives.
  • New to NASCO: NASCO will prioritize awarding scholarships to cooperators who have never been to Institute before. 

Scholarship awards range in amount and are given per co-op member, not co-op organizations. There is no limit on the number of members per co-op who can qualify– applications will be reviewed individually from the entire pool of applications. The scholarship can be used toward registration costs, travel, or other financial barriers to participation. 

A number of NASCO members hold fundraising drives to cover registration costs, often hosting benefit parties to help cover their fees and those of their housemates. Additionally, many member co-ops offer their own scholarships and arrange travel for their members to attend Institute. Contact your co-op office to inquire about these scholarships.


The deadline to apply for a scholarship to NASCO Institute is rolling with a final cut-off of October 27th, 2024.


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