WestCo 2017

WestCo, an annual conference for members of cooperatives in the Western United States and Canada, will be held this year in Davis, CA from April 14th through 16th. WestCo is a space for local cooperators to build community, attend educational workshops and social events, and celebrate their common interests and experiences.
This year’s conference is organized by members of the Solar Community Housing Association. The conference schedule and logistical information will be posted online in March. To receive updates, sign up here. If you have any questions about the conference, email Alyssa Clark at alclark@ucdavis.edu.
"For this year’s WestCo theme, Cultivating Resistance, we want to emphasize the importance of both compassion and aggression in our movement building.  We are thinking about underground networks and coalitions that happen largely unrecognized and unseen, and we want to, through this conference, validate the multiplicity of ways we can all resist."
This year's workshops, led by local co-opers, folks from the broader West Coast Co-op community, and NASCO staff, will cover a wide range of topics. The current list of workshops includes:
  • Anti-Oppression and Fair Housing Law
  • Call Out Culture: Open Dialogue About Race + Gender
  • Collective Visioning & The Future of Coops
  • Cooperatives and Anti-Oppression
  • Creating Writing Workshop/Chill Time
  • Fun Games for Cooperative Communication
  • Learning the Language of Peace
  • Love Doesn't Trump Hate
  • Native Landscaping
  • Polyamory, Kink Community, Sex Work
  • Re-Imagining Sustainability
  • Self-Care for Activists
  • Troubleshooting Meeting Facilitation
  • Visualizing the Resistance
Download the WestCo Program Guide here!