Co-op Details

1202 Williamson Street
Madison, WI 53703
Basic Info:

In 1968, eight representatives of housing cooperatives in Madison came back from a co-op conference in Washington, D.C. and decided to combine their strength to form an umbrella organization that would provide stability and better services to their members. That federation became Madison Community Cooperative, which has gone through many changes in membership and direction over the past four decades. Currently, MCC has almost two hundred members at eleven houses in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.

Mission Statement:

Madison Community Cooperative (MCC) strives to improve the Madison community by providing low-cost, not-for-profit cooperative housing for very low- to moderate-income people and to be inclusive of underrepresented and marginalized groups.

Type of Housing Offered: Single rooms, Double rooms
Number of Buildings: 11
Approximate Monthly Rent Including Utilities:


Approximate Monthly Cost of Meal Plan if Applicable:


Labor Requirements:

Houses require an average of about five hours/week

Shared Amenities: Communal spaces, Shared kitchen, Garden, Workshop, Shared tools, Recreational area, Parking, Bike storage, Washer and dryer, Wireless internet
Frequency of Shared Meals:

2-5 times per week