Co-op Details

200 South Summit Street
Iowa City, IA 52240
Basic Info:

RCHC is a member-directed non-profit dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing for students and community members at a cost below that of the Iowa City market average. RCHC was formed in 1977 by members of the University of Iowa Student Senate as a response to the lack of affordable housing options in Iowa City; however, we are not U of I-affiliated. We are a cooperative alternative to the traditional landlord-tenant relationship and currently own three historic homes, with a combined 36 rooms, near downtown Iowa City.

Mission Statement:

There are three things we as RCHC value and hope to continuously develop: our physical environment, our social environment, and our relationship with the outside community.
We hope to develop our physical space by maintaining our facilities and by instilling a sense of ownership among our residents.
We would like RCHC to be “home-like” with a social environment that encourages involvement, where members interact with mutual respect, goodwill, acceptance, trust, and support.
We hope to be an asset to the community through concern for the environment, education, and the support of community endeavors.