Co-op Details

Pittsburgh, PA
Basic Info:

The Solar System Cooperative is a socially, ecologically, and communally minded; horizontally structured; and collectively owned
property that seeks to increase the quality of life for its residents by sharing costs and resources wherever possible. We place special emphasis
on shared labor with a “do-it-ourselves” approach, along with a clear path to equity and co-ownership for resident property stewards.
Sharing food and cooking responsibilities is crucial to us, as well as time spent together at the dinner table. We feel a responsibility
toward animals and the environment to prepare vegan meals and maintain a vegetarian kitchen. We try to use our cooperative as an opportunity to share resources whenever possible.

Mission Statement:

We hope to provide an affordable, beautiful, livable, sustainable, healthy, and joyful home environment. We recognize that balancing
affordability and quality can be tricky and may take time but always consider future generations of residents in our actions.
We strive to foster participation in a social, communal way of life while committing to continued improvement of our properties and
support of the cooperative model.

Type of Housing Offered: Single rooms
Number of Buildings: 3
Wheelchair Accessible:


Open to visitors?:


Approximate Monthly Rent Including Utilities:


Approximate Monthly Cost of Meal Plan if Applicable:

approx. $200

Labor Requirements:

Residents are committed to regular weekly chores, as well as one cook night per week (usually about 2 hours). We have one service day per month in which we work on house improvement projects together (usually about 6 hours).

Shared Amenities: Communal spaces, Shared kitchen, Garden, Workshop, Shared tools, Recreational area, Parking, Bike storage, Washer and dryer, Wireless internet, Other
Frequency of Shared Meals:

every night