Bikes! Friends! Food! "Trash"! Taking Direct Action Against Food Insecurity with Boulder Food Rescue

Presented by Nora Leccese (Boulder Food Rescue)
We want to share with you the secrets to creating a bike powered food rescue in your own city. This handout is meant to help you identify who has food to donate, who needs it, who wants to bike it across town, and how to organize that enormous mess! Boulder Food Rescue picks up food that would otherwise be thrown out (mostly fruits and veggies) at grocery stores and transports it BY BIKE to organizations who serve hungry, homeless and low income folks in Boulder, Co, and we want to share our model.  We’ve developed a number of tools to share such as a web application called the BFR Robot that houses our volunteer schedule and helps us keep track of amount of food we’ve rescued, as well as a step by step “BFR Package Deal” zine on starting a food rescue to take home and show your friends to get them stoked on bike powered food rescue!