Expanding Citizenship: Workplace Democracy and Civic Engagement in Food Co-ops

Presented by Cecile Reuge (University of Vermont & Vermont Workers' Center)

In the 1880s, the Knights of Labor, known as largest labor union in the world at the time, organized a network of almost 200 industrial cooperatives across the United States. Today, the presence of labor unions is at an all-time low. Meanwhile the cooperative movement continues to grow, but in whose best interest? This resource will explore the history of food cooperatives within the broader context of cooperative and labor movements as well as workers rights in food consumer cooperatives.

Bikes! Friends! Food! "Trash"! Taking Direct Action Against Food Insecurity with Boulder Food Rescue

Presented by Nora Leccese (Boulder Food Rescue)
We want to share with you the secrets to creating a bike powered food rescue in your own city. This handout is meant to help you identify who has food to donate, who needs it, who wants to bike it across town, and how to organize that enormous mess! Boulder Food Rescue picks up food that would otherwise be thrown out (mostly fruits and veggies) at grocery stores and transports it BY BIKE to organizations who serve hungry, homeless and low income folks in Boulder, Co, and we want to share our model.

Produce Packing at BSC Central Kitchen - Video

The Berkeley Student Cooperative buys organic produce in bulk from farmers and wholesalers for its 1000+ members. At the Central Kitchen warehouse, Central Level workshifters split up cases of produce for delivery to each of the 17 room and board houses.

Bulk Food Recipes

One of the benefits of group living is the ability to share resources in a more efficient way. This is a small collection of recipes which can be made with inexpensive ingredients and in little time, using coop labor. These recipes are aimed at people without significant culinary training, and are intended to be foods which can keep for a long time. Enjoy!