Campus Cooperative Education for a Resilient Future - NASCO Institute

Session materials from "Campus Cooperative Education for a Resilient Future," presented by Jeff Noven at NASCO Institute 2015.


The co-operative business model and co-operative economics are not taught as subjects in most U.S. undergraduate programs. To address this systemic lack of awareness, our workshop will explore how to launch innovative student-initiated or academically-sponsored courses on the history and significance of co-operatives and how they can be tools for building sustainable, resilient, and socially just communities. We will focus on identifying the obstacles and opportunities to establishing these programs on college campuses and create the space for participants to work together in identifying new ways to embed co-operative education into university curriculum. Our goal for the workshop is to develop a network of students and educators committed to introducing the cooperative model to a broader audience of young cooperators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.