The Fair Housing Act and Your Co-op

Many co-ops don't think much about Fair Housing laws.  After all, we all care deeply about social justice, and want to use our coops as a model for a better way to live, and most of us would never dream of committing housing discrimination.

There are some details of the Fair Housing Act that might conflict with some membership practices, though, and the punishments for violating the Fair Housing Act can be huge.   This document is meant to give an overview of what following the FHA might mean to your coop, and also lists some things that all housing providers (including coops) must and cannot do.

This document will also recommend example policies your coop can use to prevent accidental discrimination, while preserving the integrity of your coop's membership process. You can find out more by emailing

To watch a video series on the Fair Housing Act, produced by NASCO staff, follow the links below: