Bedroom Fire Demonstration - Video

A mock dormitory fire was started on the campus of Oakland University (Rochester Hills, MI) on October 21, 2009, to show how quickly fires can spread. The demonstration was an initiative of Oakland University's Environmental Health and Safety Office and conducted under the watchful eye of OU Campus Police and the Auburn Hills Fire Department. As you can see in the video, the fire engulfed the mock dormitory in less than four minutes.

9 Fires Documentary - Video

9 Fires tells of the impact of nine campus-related fires that happened within three weeks in January and February of 2012. Through interviews with victims, families, students, fire and campus officials we learn about what happens after the headlines fade. We learn…the rest of the story.
9 Fires is being made freely available for schools and communities to use in their fire safety education and outreach efforts through the Minger Foundation because of generous donations.