NASCO Institute

History of Housing Coops

Presented at NASCO Institute by Jim Jones (Collective Seeds Consulting Cooperative)

A history of group housing cooperatives in North America. A look at both student and community based cooperatives, starting in 1873 and continuing to the present. How did we all get here? Why aren't there co-ops like ours in other countries? What events in our country have influenced and affected our cooperatives?

Consensus 101

This handout is from Laird Schaub's (Fellowship for Intentional Community) workshop titled "Consensus 101" at NASCO Institute 2013.

Implementing Intentional Affordability

Session materials from "Implementing Intentional Affordability," which was led by Jeff Bessmer (Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op) at NASCO Institute 2013.


GIS Basics

These handouts are from David Arfa's workshop at Institute 2010.  You can download a mapping program for uDig, and use the directions to start your own mapping projects!