Renting Property

Negotiating a Lease for Your Coop - Developing New Cooperatives

Presented by Daniel Miller (NASCO Staff) & Emily Ng (UHAB)

Co-ops can live in a grey area between residential and commercial, between formal and flexible, and between the collective and the individual. This can be a powerful advantage if your coop wants to negotiate the nest lease for a property - but your model might be unfamiliar to a landlord. These resources are meant to help you learn how to lower your lease payments, win more autonomy for your coop, and set yourself up for growth in the future.

Join a Community or Start One?

This resource was contributed by Laird Schaub for a workshop at NASCO's 2008 Cooperative Education and Training Institute.
Table of Contents
1. Pioneers vs. Settlers-Personality Profiles
2. The Queen Bee Syndrome-Challenges of Leadership
3. Location, location, location
4. Reinventing the Wheel vs. Wagging the Dog
5. Summary of Pros & Cons

NASCO Co-op Organizer's Handbook

The Organizer's Handbook is a comprehensive guide to creating group-equity housing cooperatives. By explaining the cooperative movement, campus and community organizing, nonprofit incorporation, financing, and housing development, this important resource demystifies a challenging project.