Strengths-Based Leading and Other Modern Tools to Manage Remarkably - NASCO Institute

Session materials from "Strengths-Based Leading and Other Modern Tools to Manage Remarkably," which was led by Nick Coquillard (Inter-Cooperative Council - Ann Arbor) at NASCO Institute 2014.


Modern, research-based tools, ideas and philosophies both enliven our work as cooperative leaders, and inspire connections between staff and members. This workshop will highlight three areas from which we as leaders can both personally evolve and positively enhance staff-member relationships to accomplish our coop’s and personal goals. We'll discuss the use of StrengthsFinder as a data-driven tool; the philosophy of Brene Brown and several specific concepts she suggests to lead wholeheartedly; and the concept of modern motivation theory as driven by Daniel H. Pink. This workshop will offer specific concepts and suggestions as to how to practically apply them.