Group Registration

All group registrations for NASCO Institute 2022 must be submitted by October 14th. We strongly encourage participants to register by September 30th in order to have access to all workshops and events occurring throughout October.

In order to register and pay for a group:

  1. Submit full registration forms online for all individuals by October 14th. If you have individuals submit this information, they should select the “pay later” option.
  2. Submit a full list of names of those covered by the group registration payment alongside your group registration (since there are often others from the co-op who register independently – we want to make sure these folks pay on their own and that we don’t charge your co-op for them). Send this list to
  3. Submit payment for the entire group by October 21st (either via a bank transfer through your invoice or by mail postmarked by the due date). In order to pay as a group, the co-op must pay NASCO the full conference rate–if you are having people in the group pay part of their cost, you must collect that money from them; if members of the group receive scholarships, they can notify NASCO if they'd like the scholarship funding sent to them or applied to the co-op's group registration invoice.

Payment options:

  1. Pay when you register - If one person from your co-op is registering all attendees at the same time, you may pay the full conference costs online when you submit registrations. Any scholarship amounts can then be refunded to the co-op or individual.

  2. Pay later - Once we receive the list of individuals covered by your co-op we will calculate your total registration cost (including any scholarships received by your members). We will then send you an invoice payable either online or by check/money order.

Any cancellations made after the September 30th deadline will be subject to a $50 late fee per cancelled registration.

Changes to your group registration:

  • If you have any changes to your group registration after submitting your list of attendees please notify us ASAP.  
  • For cancellations made on or before September 30th, you will receive a full refund. For cancellations made after September 30th, you will receive a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.

Please note: If each person from your co-op will be paying their own registration, each member should register and pay independently. Group registration is for co-ops that are paying as a group.