You're Invited to WestCo 2013

We would like to invite your members to WestCo 2013 which is happening this April 19-21 at Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op in sunny Isla Vista, California!

NASCO Board Elections 2013!

Nominations are now officially open for seven seats on the Board.
Three of those seats are for 3-year terms, three are for 2-year terms, and one is a 1-year term.
Your co-op is invited to nominate someone to fill one of the open seats on the NASCO Board of Directors.
NASCO Education Board Election Timeline

Check out the Austin Cooperative Summit: January 25-26 in Austin, Texas

The Austin Cooperative Summit will be a small meeting designed to facilitate the exchange of best practices and cross-sector learning among cooperators, and to strengthen the local cooperative community.
Join for workshops on developing a co-op, advocacy, local co-op history, and more.  The program concludes with a regional strategic planning session.

NASCO Board to Meet in Philly

The NASCO Board of Directors will be meeting February 23-24 in Philadelphia, PA. According to NASCO's bylaws, board meetings are open to members of active member coops. If you wish to attend a NASCO Board meeting, please contact NASCO staff at info[at]

Results in for NASCO Board Elections 2012!

We welcome these new Directors to NASCO's Board!  Thanks to those who participated in our democratic process.
Serving 3-year terms:
Max Baroi
Morgan Crawford
Charlie DeTar