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NASCO Board Elections 2013!

Nominations are now officially open for seven seats on the Board.
Three of those seats are for 3-year terms, three are for 2-year terms, and one is a 1-year term.
Your co-op is invited to nominate someone to fill one of the open seats on the NASCO Board of Directors.
NASCO Education Board Election Timeline

Check out the Austin Cooperative Summit: January 25-26 in Austin, Texas

The Austin Cooperative Summit will be a small meeting designed to facilitate the exchange of best practices and cross-sector learning among cooperators, and to strengthen the local cooperative community.
Join for workshops on developing a co-op, advocacy, local co-op history, and more.  The program concludes with a regional strategic planning session.

Members of the House Financial Services Committee need to be reached for passage of HR3677

A broad range of contacts will be essential for passing this bill. Even if your cooperative is not in the districts with House Financial Services Committee members, your members may be registered to vote in these areas.

If you're interested in volunteering:


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