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NASCO Staff and Board Update

Currently, NASCO staff are focused on wrapping up 2014 and preparing for the upcoming year. We’ve uploaded course materials from over 50 NASCO Institute sessions to our website, are facilitating conversations between members that began in the Annual General Meeting, and are in the closing stretch of NASCO board elections (hooray voting!).

Member Report: "Queerly Viable: The Steam-Punk Bar Dream & How NASCO Institute Kept it Alive"

Before I went to the 2014 NASCO Institute, I assumed that my relationship with cooperatives was, realistically, coming to a close. I graduated from UC Davis over a year ago and am therefore not eligible to live in student cooperative housing. My most recent experience living in a non-student cooperative housing made me wonder if I have enough energy to live cooperatively and be a member of the workforce. And, I was not interested in working for cooperative businesses because I perceived them to be draining, unstructured and disorganized.

Vote for the NASCO Board of Directors

Voting is now open for the NASCO Board of Directors! Each year, NASCO members nominate and elect candidates to the NASCO Board. All Active Member cooperatives are eligible to vote. Ballots and candidate statements were sent to your co-op by mail and email, and are also available here.

1) Letter to Active Members about voting

2) Candidate statements

3) Ballots

NASCO Board Nominations Extended!

Yesterday, October 29, 2014, was the nominations deadline for NASCO’s 2015 board election. As you probably know, this is the first year with a new election schedule involving nominations in the fall and voting in the winter. We originally set the October deadline in order to allow more time for cooperatives to discuss the candidates and vote before the winter holidays. However, many members were not expecting nominations to be so early, and did not have adequate time to discuss and nominate candidates.



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