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Do it Together! Participatory Co-op Education - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Do it Together! Participatory Co-op Education,” presented by Kim Garmany at NASCO Institute 2016.


Popular Education is an exciting way to approach teaching and learning that encourages using various ways to relay and explore information. As you reflect on your NASCO Institute experience, the session will guide you through a series of participatory activities that you can take back to your co-op or to your working life. There will also be space for folks to share participatory activities that weren't practiced in the workshop.

Pathways to Expansion for Larger Co-ops - NASCO Institute

Session materials from “Pathways to Expansion for Larger Co-ops,” presented by Corrigan Nadon-Nichols at NASCO Institute 2016.


Many housing cooperatives consider expansion to be a worthy goal for furthering their mission and increasing financial stability. However as co-ops grow in scale, they face additional obstacles and opportunities that complicate the development process. In this session, we will examine several successful expansion projects at larger co-ops and analyze under what circumstances expansion is a worthwhile goal.