Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future (Short Film)

Many Hands: Building a Cooperative Future 

Filmed in 2013, this is an inspirational chronical of the cooperative movement in Austin, Texas, and also an organizing tool for anyone searching for a cooperative approach to broader empowerment and stronger community.

In this video, a group of adventurous young professionals from Grand Rapids, Michigan embarks on a journey to discover what it takes to build an economically and socially sustainable community. They find a strong cooperative community in Austin, and learn from its founders the follies and conflicts that any cooperative community must face.

Whether brand new to the concept of cooperatives, or a veteran ‘cooperator’ looking to further expand a community, this documentary shows us what it takes to follow our passions and create something that will benefit generations to come.

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A College Houses Cooperative and Media Guild Film

Directed by Erik Jones • Produced by Jim Jones