Spring Leadership Convenings




NASCO is closely monitoring the increasing spread of COVID-19 and taking proactive steps to support our members and the communities that they are embedded within. We are continuously evaluating the situation and adjusting as needed. Please click here to see how NASCO programming, including our spring convenings, will be affected. 



In past years NASCO has put on one spring conference for cooperative staff. This year we will be holding a US convening and a Canadian convening.  The NASCO Staff & Managers Conference is a cooperative education and training program that is designed specifically to meet the needs of staff and managers of campus-based housing cooperatives. Our Cooperative Student Leadership convening will have a workshop track for Staff and student leaders to engage and learn how to develop a cooperative as well as get the opportunity to network with professional cooperators. The conference serves as a collective learning forum that strives to empower campus co-op staff and students from across Canada and the United States. Conference participants share ideas through workshops, discussions, peer consultancy, and informal networking. 

Surveys & round-table discussions reflecting a variety of topics help managers compare their cooperative's performance and policies to those of other co-ops. NASCO strongly encourages managers and staff to attend and share individual experiences with the rest of the movement's management staff as well as to seek new solutions and gain support to face the challenges of campus co-op management. We look forward to creating a space for experienced cooperatives-ops can share knowledge with new cooperatives. This event aims to empower student leaders as well to act on housing. Through training on advocacy, development, and financing, it will provide co-op promoters, union executives and all students interested in developing co-ops with actionable skills and a path to success.


Join us for the Staff and Managers May 21st - 22nd in Chicago

Join us June 2020 in Ontario 



"One of the highlights was spending time with other co-op staff and feeling very understood, supported, and inspired by them and their commitment and skills. I also found both of the presentations about conflict resolution and dealing with problem members very informative and engaging."

"Getting together with fellow co-op staff and learning from one another is always the best part of the Staff and Managers Conference; lots of great ideas were shared."

"As a relatively new staff member, it was a great opportunity to meet, bond and discover a wide swath of common ground with similarly engaged colleagues from around the country. The vibe was warm, inviting and engaging. Although many of our coop systems operate differently we share many common issues. There was no end to the creative ways coops have found to solve similar problems."

"One action item I left with was a clarity that I serve at the pleasure of the membership. It's therefore very important to have clear expectations around the authority staff has to interpret and enforce a policy. On one hand, our members need to be trained on how to evaluate staff and manage professional relationships and staff career needs. Additionally, executive and administrative staff need relationships and understandings with the membership about the nature of their employment that enables them to execute their duties with confidence and efficiency. I'll be working to clarify these issues with the membership in my organization."

"The conference was terrific. I really feel more a part of something larger than just my coop."

“It was worth driving 12 hours back and forth for 36 hours with NASCO.”

“Very, very great conference!”