Staff and Member Leadership Convening

NASCO's Staff & Members Leadership Convening will be held remotely on June 22-24, 2022.  The conference will offer programming to staff, managers, board directors, and member leadership of group equity housing cooperatives and campus-based housing cooperatives. Conference registration will be for the full event.


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The NASCO Staff & Member Leadership Convening is a cooperative education and training program that is designed specifically to meet the needs of staff, managers, and member-leaders of group equity and campus-based housing cooperatives. This year we are focusing on human resources and cooperative problem solving through peer consultations.  

Sessions reflecting a variety of topics help managers compare their cooperative's performance and policies to those of other co-ops. NASCO strongly encourages managers and staff to attend and share individual experiences with the rest of the movement's leadership. Attendees are encouraged to seek new solutions and gain support to face the unique challenges of co-op management. We look forward to creating a space where experienced cooperatives can share knowledge with new cooperatives, and where members feel empowered to exercise leadership in their home co-ops.  



NASCO Active Member Co-op : $70 USD / $85 CAD,

Associate Member Organization : $120 USD / $150 CAD, 

Non-Member Co-op/ Organization : $150 USD / $185 CAD


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Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, June 22

  • Welcome & Co-op Introductions
  • Intro to Peer Consultation and Cooperative Leadership Skills
  • Building Trust Between Staff and Members Roundtable
Thursday, June 23
  • Peer Consultation For Staff
  • Peer Consultation for Member Leaders 

  • HR Standards for Co-ops 

  • Co-op Member Leadership Social

Friday, June 24
  • Co-op Staff Roles and Responsibilities 
  • Peer Consultation for Staff

  • Peer Consultation for Member Leaders 

  • Planning for Turnover


For session descriptions, visit the full schedule page here



"Hearing from others with similar or very different struggles and successes, and an opportunity to share what we've tried that did or did not work always helps me with renewing energy for co-op work. I find comfort in spending time with co-opers, especially in the time of difficult realities."


"As a relatively new staff member, it was a great opportunity to meet, bond, and discover a wide swath of common ground with similarly engaged colleagues from around the country. The vibe was warm, inviting, and engaging. Although many of our co-op systems operate differently we share many common issues. There was no end to the creative ways co-ops have found to solve similar problems."


"The conference was terrific. I really feel more a part of something larger than just my coop."



Thank you to our Staff and Member Leadership Convening sponsors for making this event possible!