Low-Income Scholarship Fund

Many cooperatives are unable to obtain proper training for lack of adequate resources. Over the years, NASCO Institute has been an important vehicle for providing education and training for both newcomers and experienced leaders. Help us generate the resources necessary to make this essential training available to cooperatives and cooperators of modest and low-income.

We have established the following criteria for selecting scholarship recipients:

Financial Need: If a co-op cannot afford to sponsor anyone, NASCO will try to support at least one member from that co-op.

Geographic Location: NASCO seeks representation from a variety of regions and both urban and rural communities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Travel Costs: Individuals traveling longer distances receive commensurate assistance through registration scholarships.

Diversity: NASCO actively encourages delegations that represent the diversity of their own communities.

Crisis Resolution: Members at co-ops facing crisis situations are encouraged to attend.  Our experience has been that participation in the Institute can have a strong impact when members have the opportunity to learn best practices in a peer-to-peer environment.

Developing Co-ops: NASCO reserves scholarship funds for groups working to form new cooperatives.