Year in Review: NASCO Family Annual Report

We’re pleased to announce that our 2015 Annual Report has been sent to print and will soon be mailed out. We’re excited to share this report with you.

In 2015 ...

NASCO had over 50 Active Member co-ops, hosted the most highly attended NASCO Institute and Staff & Managers Conference in several years, assisted the organizing of two regional co-op conferences, continued to grow our Cooperative Internship Network, created 40 new cooperative education videos, added 144 new resources to our online library, piloted a report on comparative cooperative financial data, increased revenue from grants and donations, provided free development consultation to 30 co-op groups, facilitated new co-op purchases in Baltimore, MD and Athens, OH, formed new partnerships, and strengthened existing relationships with cooperative movement organizations.

We head into 2016 on a solid footing, with increasingly strong programs and relationships and our boards preparing to create a new strategic plan that will shepherd us through the next several years. You may view this year's Annual Report as a booklet here, as a poster here, and check out previous years’ reports here.