News and Updates

July 16, 2011

The International Cooperative Alliance is gathering and maintaining updates on the impact of the disaster on cooperatives of all types in Japan. You can find the updates here:
NASCO has sent a letter expressing solidarity to the National Federation of University Cooperatives in Japan, with which we've maintained strong relations since their inception in 1947. Updates on the status of student cooperatives in Japan will be posted here as reports roll in. NFUCA's membership inclues ~1,480,000 students throughout Japan, and pools purchasing power for books, supplies, food, and other services at every university and college. The Japanese Consumer Cooperatives Union (JCCU) will also post updates on their site here:  
For details on the JCCU's Earthquake Task Force and Earthquake Relief Fund Raising, check out their link here:

March 11, 2011
Did you miss NASCO Institute? Watch the full presentation, Counter-Mapping for a Co-op World, by Tim Stallman and Daniel Tucker.